Mangrove Jack's Belgian Ale M27 10g

  • Produktkode:  40306
  • Lagerstatus:  utsolgt
  • Flokkulering: Medium
  • Gjæringstemperatur: 26-32
  • Alkoholtoleranse: Høg

With a myriad of flavors and aromas embraced by master brewers all over Belgium this strain has been specially developed to bring the best of these flavors to the home brewer or craft brewer. Belgian ale yeast is an exceptional top fermenting yeast strain creating distinctive beers with spicy, fruity and peppery notes. Ideal for fermentation of Belgian Saison or farmhouse style beers, but also suitable for other Belgian styles. This yeast is highly attenuative and has a high ethanol tolerance that makes it ideal for creating most Belgian beer styles, including Quadrupel styles of up to 14% ABV. At higher alcohol levels fermentation may take longer but the strain is robust enough to deal with almost anything. This strain successfully brings the sophistication of classic Belgian ale production to the home brewery.

Belgian Ale Yeast M27 is Suitable for all Belgian ales. Ideal for Saison, farmhouse ales, Golden Strong Ale, Dubbel, Tripel, and even Quadrupel.

The recommended fermentation temperature range of this strain is 26° to 32°C.


Fermentation Observations:

This Belgian Ale Yeast strain is a long slow fermenter especially at very high gravities producing a moderately light krausen that never threatens to overflow the fermenter. A fairly long lag phase is typical and can extend to a full 24 hours after pitching, primary fermentation will build in intensity and temperature after this period while never threatening to get out of hand, wort of 14.050 can be at 1.010 in 7 days but this strain will ferment down to between 1.002 and 1.005 so care must be taken at bottling. This strain has an extremely high alcohol tolerance up to 14% ABV although this can take as long as a month to finish. Warmer fermentation temperatures of 79-90°F are recommended when brewing with this strain to avoid sluggish or stalled fermentations and to produce more expressive beers.


Aroma Characteristics:

Belgian yeast strain brings all the sophistication and complexity of classic Belgian ale production to the home brew and small brewery setting. Spicy and peppery characteristics are prominent with an undertone of the ubiquitous fruity Belgian character.


Flavor/Mouthfeel Characteristics:

This is a highly characterful yeast strain that will dominate all but the highest hopping rates and complex malt bills. Beers fermented with this yeast will tend to be dry in the finish often with a slight drying acidity and peppery notes that aids drinkability at higher alcohol levels. Higher alcohol beers may have and increased ester production and warming alcohol notes.


Higher Alcohol Beers:

This yeast strain will perform exceptionally well up to 14% ABV making it suitable for a large range of Belgian beer styles, including Quadrupel style beers.



In most cases, Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Dry Yeasts can be used at a rate of one 10g pack for up to 6.6 gallons of wort, with the following exceptions: Ales with original gravity over 1.050, use 2 packs per 6 gallons. Lagers that will be fermented below 57°F, use 2 packs per 6 gallons.
REHYDRATING: Although Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Yeasts do not require pre-hydration, cleaner and more professional results may be produced if rehydrated before pitching. For all strains except the Bohemian Lager, add the sachet contents to 100ml of preboiled clean water that has cooled to between 86-95°F (for Bohemian Lager the rehydration temp should be between 68-77°F) Stir gently into a yeast cream for about 10 minutes then pitch directly into wort. Alternatively the dry yeast can be added directly into the wort by sprinkling onto the surface and leaving to stand for 10-15 minutes before stirring.
STORAGE: Store in original packaging below 50°F (we keep it in the refrigerator) for optimum 30 month shelf life.

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