Platekjølar 3000 L/h Two Chamber DN40

  • Produktkode:  50217

Professional plate chiller, two-chamber model with 94 plates. This plate chiller has two separate connections for cooling water. The biggest drop in temperature takes place in the first chamber. A fresh inflow of cooling water further chills the wort to a temperature 2°C higher than the temperature of the cooling water.

Maximum capacity: Chill 3600 litres/hour of wort from about 95°C to 2°C above the cooling water temperature with 2 x 7450 litres of cooling water. For example, if you chill with water at 10°C, then 12°C is the lowest temperature you can achieve.

The efficiency of this cooler depends on a number of factors such as contact surface area, contact time (~ cooling water flow rate) and the temperature of the cooling water.


entirely AISI 316 stainless steel
nitrile seals
dimensions: 65 x 18 x 40 cm
CIP (Cleaning in Place) possible
wort: inlet and outlet: DIN40
cooling water: 2 x inlet and outlet 1" male gas thread

OBS: Bildet viser 2000 l modell

kr 29990.00
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