Brew Monk B50 Wi-Fi Bryggemaskin Ny modell 2023

Brew Monk B50 Wi-Fi Bryggemaskin

Ny modell 2023

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Description - Brew Monk™ B50 Wi-Fi brewing system

This all-new Brew Monk™ Wi-Fi brewing system has everything you need to effortlessly brew your high-quality craft beer at home. Whether you want to brew offline or online using our brewing platform, the Brew Monk™ has you covered. With its user-friendly interface and superior finish this machine will stay with you for years and never let you down. The new full colour display is easy to read and displays all the data you need in a clear and understandable way. 

Online Brewing Mode

With the new Brew Monk™ B50 you gain access to the online brewing platform This platform offers you a wide range of possibilities to store your brewing data and make your brewday easier. 

  • Brewboard: Gives you a perfect overview of your current brewing session. It holds all the parameters of the session and shows you the progress of your brewday. You can take notes while brewing and control your kettle from a distance. 
  • My Recipes: Store all your favourite recipes by creating them on the platform or by importing them. These recipes can be uploaded to the brewing kettle when connected to Wi-Fi so they can be launched later, even in places where Wi-Fi is not available. 
  • My Brews: Keep track of your past brewing sessions, create notes, and improve your recipes for the future. 
  • My Kettles: Gives you an overview of your Brew Monk™ equipment. Easy access to the updated manual and other technical data of your Brew Monk™.
  • Stay updated: Connect your Brew Monk™ to Wi-Fi, and receive free software updates as soon as they become available.

Offline Brewing Mode

The all-new Brew Monk™ B50 has a very easy to use, intuitive display that allows you to smoothly set-up your brewing session. In the blink of an eye, you can setup your brewing steps and fire up the kettle. 


  • Capacity: 45 litre (total volume = 52 litre)
  • 3000 W total power, adjustable in 100 W increments
  • Ideal size: dimensions brew kettle (H x W): 69.0 x 35.0 cm
  • Redesigned full colour screen with intuitive menu navigation
  • Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Telescopically adjustable malt pipe and screens
    • SST malt pipe holds up to 12 kg, with adjustable SST screens and removable handle for lifting
    • The malt pipe can easily be lifted in 2 steps thanks to the improved two-stage support. This reduces the risk of oxidation during sparging and offers good ergonomics for lifting.
  • Reinforced bottom plate in the malt pipe for extra security while mashing, lautering and sparging
  • Integrated, transparent circulation pipe with litre graduation and valve; facilitates controlling the volume in the kettle and flow regulation
  • Integrated magnetic drive pump, can be operated separately
  • Robust bazooka filter with screw thread in stainless steel; easy to install and to clean
  • Removable SST ball valve ½” with nozzle 13 mm
  • Glass lid to monitor the mashing process
  • 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Operating instructions available in 11 languages
  • 3-year warranty

Why choose a Brew Monk™? 

  • Embracing the highest quality standards, Brew Monk™ offers a reassuring 3-year warranty 
  • Engineered in Belgium
  • Strict quality control in factory by Belgian firm
  • Spare parts and customer service available through Brouwland
  • Full colour screen with intuitive menu navigation and Wi-Fi online platform

Tip: Manual always at hand, just scan the QR-code on the backside of the Brew Monk™.

Teknisk info

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