InkBird – ITC-308 Temperaturkontroller

InkBird – ITC-308


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Temperatur kontroller til gjæringskap.

Info frå produsent.

You'd love to have a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, but you're not a certified electrician nor a DIYr? If so, the InkBird ITC-308 is the ideal solution for you.

The InkBird ITC-308 is a ready-to-use, plug and play thermostat/temperature controller: simply connect up the plugs, set the temperature and off you go.


large, clear LCD displays with set and measured temperature
dual output: cooling and heating
automatic alarm in the event of sensor malfunction and over-temperature
high and low temperature alarm
calibration function
temperature differential function can be configured separately for heating and cooling

temperature control range: -50 to +99°C (adjustable)
read-out to 0.1°C (resolution)
accuracy: ? 1°C (-50 to +70°C)
relay capacity heating: 10 A (max.) 240 V
relay capacity cooling: 10 A (max.) 240 V
sensor cable length: 2.00 m
input power cable length: 1.50 m
output power cable length: 0.20 m
dimensions body: 140 x 68 x 33 mm

Liten gjennomgang for programmering av temperatur-kontrolleren er vedlagt under..

Teknisk info

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