Thermometer T Handle 300mm

Hanna Nordic

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-shaped body for easy readin.
wo probe lengths availabl.
deal for semi-solids, deep fryers and soup preparatio.
xceptionally long battery life of over a year

HI 145 thermometers were developed for HACCP programs that need high standards of performance with simplicity of use. The durable T-shaped handle fits comfortably in hand and is ideal for applications where applied force is necessary for insertion, such as with incoming meat inspection and semi-frozen foods. The LCD positioned on top of the meter allows for easy reading in cooking applications.

HI 145-20 and HI 145-30 are supplied with a 300 mm (12 long stainless steel probe; ideal for monitoring hot liquids, such as deep frying and soup preparation. With an automatic CAL CHECK? feature, the HI 145 series performs a self check of its calibration status and displays it on the LCD. This feature ensures accuracy, repeatability and confidence in readings.

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