Blichmann Thrumometer 3/8"

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Blichmann ThruMometer - måler tempertur på vørter mens den renner gjennom. Brukes gjerne sammen med motstrømskjøler eller platekjøler.

Get your yeast off to a fast start. If your wort is too cold, you get long lag times and give bacteria more time to infect your beer. Too hot and off flavours can form. The ThruMometerallows you to adjust the wort and/or water flow rates in your counterflow heat exchanger to dial in the exact wort temperature your specific yeast culture requires. No more guessing!

Celsius and Fahrenheit scales (14 - 31°C and 58 - 88°F)
Maximum temperature liquids 60°C (140°F)
Use with hose 3/8 "
Easy to sanitize
The ThruMometerbrand in-line thermometer has NO places for bacteria to hide! The hole interior is mirror-smooth.

Accurate and fast
The highly conductive aluminium body and liquid crystal thermometer are VERY fast responding, very accurate and allow you to dial in your desired temperature ! This is far more useable than any digital or bi-metal thermometer!

Never needs calibrating
Compared to digital and bi-metal thermometers, the ThruMometerNEVER needs calibrating!

Made from heat-treated highly corrosion resistant aluminium, the ThruMometeris built to last a lifetime.

Press-fit hose barbs
The non-serrated barbs are much easier to clean, don't harbour bacteria, are easy to remove, and don't damage hoses.

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