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Fully waterproof digital pocket thermometer with a large range and stainless steel probe with a rapid reaction time.

This digital kitchen thermometer can be used for different types of food or preparation processes. For example, when you make beer or wine, monitoring the temperature correctly is crucial. You can also use it to measure the core temperature of meat or when tempering chocolate. Correct temperature monitoring is also important when processing milk or making cheese.

By using the suspension eye or the magnets on the backside, you never lose sight of the thermometer. Because this thermometer is rated as IP67, you can clean it under running water with some soap after use.

In short, this cooking thermometer is essential in your basic kitchen or workshop equipment.

  • waterproof IP67
  • LCD display
  • range: -50°C to +150°C
  • digital reading per 0.1°C
  • HOLD/TEST function
  • length stainless steel probe: 12 cm
  • suspension eye
  • magnets on the backside
  • works with 1 LR44 battery (1.5 V)
  • battery included

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