Atmosphere Italian Nebbiolo 16L (30 bottle)

  • Produktkode:  190258

Atmosphere italiensk rødvinssett. Gir 16L (30 flasker) ferdig vin.

This lively Italian red has an ample bouquet of ripe berries with a robust palate featuring flavors from red cherries to strawberries. Some notes of licorice with a long, full finish of firm tannins.

This 16L ultra-premium ingredient kit makes 30 bottles (6 gallons) of wine. All of the additional ingredients you will need are included in the kit, and are pre-measured along with fool-proof directions.

ABOUT ATMOSPHERE: Atmosphere wine kits feature wines of extraordinary character from the most celebrated and acclaimed wine producing countries around the world. Each of these ultra-premium kits will create a wine that is distinctive, show-casing unique characteristics produced by the specific soils and climatic conditions of the country of origin. Ready in just 6 weeks. 

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