Caso WineComfort Touch (66 flasker)

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Caso Winecomfort Touch med plass til 66 flasker er perfekt til barer og restauranter, eller til vinsamlere. Kjøleskapet har to soner som kan stilles inn med forskjellige temperaturer.

OBS: Bestillingsvare, leveringstid må påberegnes.

Product properties

  • High quality wine control device with compressor technology
  • Two separate temperature zones, individually adjustable for white & red wine
  • Sensor touch operation, elegant operation without opening the door
  • Smooth running compressors on vibration-reduced feet: provide the calm, quiet location your wine requires
  • Active fans per temperature zone ensuring a very even temperature per zone
  • Storage of up to 66 bottles (up to 310 mm in height)*
  • 3-layer insulating glass with UV filter for optimum aroma protection


  • Excellent thermal insulation for the most economical energy consumption levels
  • Temperature electronically adjustable from 5 - 20 °C (41 - 68 °F)**
  • LED temperature display of the cooling zones
  • Switchable interior lighting
  • Timeless design with elegant stainless steel front and ergonomic handle
  • Ball bearing mounted pull-outs with removable wooden bearing bases
  • Runs very quietly
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