Benton Bentonitt 1kg

  • Produktkode:  160730

Vinoferm® Benton bentonite 
Special quality bentonite for wine in granulated form. With very high absorbing capacity. Also used for pre-clarification of wines and juices (must). Dosage: 1-2 g/l. Let it soak overnight in 10x its volume of water and add it afterwards. 


How to add bentonite? 
In order to maximise its effect, bentonite must always be allowed to soak: dissolve the quantity of bentonite required in 3 to 5 times its own volume of water. Then leave to swell for 6-12 hours! Pour off the excess water and dilute once again with a small amount of the wine that needs to be fined. Stir well and finally mix the bentonite solution thoroughly with the entire quantity of must/wine to be fined.


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