Thermowell Weldless Rustfri 100mm

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Thermowell - 100 mm i Rustifritt stål SS304.

Monteres i 17mm diameter hull.
6.5 mm innerdiameter i brønnen.

Rustfri Thermowell for SS Brewtech sine LCD-Termometer.

A thermowell is a tubular fitting that is designed to protect temperature sensors such as thermocouples and thermometers. It is a simple tube that is open at one end and closed in the other. The sensor fits through the open end. Aside from protecting the sensor, the thermowell also provides thermal insulation.This BrewTech thermwell is made from a solid stainless steel metal bar as it conducts heat effectively. The steel bar has been drilled with a tiny hole to create a linear bore. It is then mounted on top of the brew kettle either through welding, caps and threads.There are different brands of thermowells on the market but make sure that it is compatible with the type of temperature sensor that you have. If you have an SS Brewtech LCD Temp Display, the SS BrewTech weldless thermowell is compatible with this type of sensor.Made from grade 304 stainless steel, conducts heat well for effective temperature reading. It can be retrofitted to many types of brew kettles as it comes with a universal weldless design. It can easily be installed by drilling a 17mm hole on the brew kettle lid. This thermowell is 6 inches in length thus it can easily fit an SS BrewTech LCD temp display sensor in it. Just slide it through the 9.5mm inner tube.

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