Flow'in Autohevert Stor m/slange og Hevertfeste

  • Produktkode:  62315

Autohevert med slange, hevertfeste og flaskefyller.

The perfect siphon! Don't waste your time struggling with a siphon that is too small – use the Brewferm Flow'in. The anti-drip connection stops your floor from becoming messy and eliminates unhygienic working conditions. The siphon has a mounting clip to determine the correct height and keep it firmly secured to the cask. The Flow'in also has a sediment filter with check valve to isolate unwanted particles.

Anti-drip collection
Automatic flow
Clip for stable mounting and height regulation
Sediment filter
Bottle filler included
Material: PVC
Food grade
63.5 cm
Packed in a handy storage bag

kr 289.00
50+ på lager