Mangrove Jack's TS Ginger Beer Pouch

  • Produktkode:  90546

Ginger beer, makes 23 litres.

These beer kits come in the latest foil pouch. Each pouch is cold filled using the latest nitrogen technology to provide the ultimate contamination-free products. The low temperature process retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurisation of cans by prolonged heating and hot filling.

Approx ABV: 4.4%
IBU: 12-18
Final SG: 1.005

Final Volume: 23L (6 US QT)
Boiling Water Volume: 3L (3.2 US QT)
Optimal Fermenting Temp: 20-25ºC (68-77ºF)
Dextrose Sugar: 1KG (2.2 LB)

Ingredients - Malt extract (barley) natural ginger flavouring, hop extract, dried brewing yeast (yeast, emulsifier (E491)) sweetener (acesulfame potassium), dextrose monohydrate (corn)

kr 279.00
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