Mangrove Jack's TS Belgian Saison Pouch

  • Produktkode:  90562

Combination of fruity and spicy flavours that are supported by a soft malt character, a light sourness complements the dry finish. Peppery phenols give a layer of complexity to the fascinating beer.

Approx ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 15 - 20
Final SG: 1.001

Final Volume: 15L (4 US GAL)

Boiling Water Volume: 2 L (2.1 US QT)
Optimal Fermenting Temp: 26 - 32ºC (79 - 90ºF)
Dextrose Sugar: 500G (1.1LB)

Ingredients - Malt extract (barley, hop extract), dried brewing yeast (yeast emulsifier (E491))

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