Safbrew F-2 20gr

  • Produktkode:  40318
  • Best før: 30/11/2020
  • Flokkulering: Medium
  • Alkoholtoleranse: Medium

Profile: selected specifically for secondary fermentation in bottle and in cask. This yeast assimilates very little maltotriose, but assimilates basic sugars (glucose, fructose, saccharose, maltose). It is characterized by a neutral aroma profile, respecting the base beer character. Safbrew F-2 resists high alcohol levels (>10% v/v) and allows brewers to obtain all the properties of refermentation:

Beer preservation thanks to oxygen trapping
Contribution in roundness and maturation aromas
Sticks well at the bottom of the bottles/casks and forms a nice haze when it is resuspended
Dosage: 2 to 7 g / HL
Fermentation temperature: 15-25°C (59-77°F)
Sedimentation: high
Final density: NA
Especially for secondary fermentation in bottle/barrel

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