Lalbrew New England - East Coast Ale Yeast 20g

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Lalbrew New England er ei gjærstamme spesifikt utvalgt for sine egenskaper til å lage den fruktige esterprofil som kjennetegner den amerikanske østkyst IPA-stilen (også kjent som New England IPA eller NEIPA).
Denne gjæren produserer tropiske fruktige estere, som f.eks. fersken og andre steinfrukter.

LalBrew™ New England is an ale strain selected specifically for its fermentative consistency and its ability to produce a unique fruit-forward ester profile desired in East Coast styles of beer. A typical fermentation with LalBrew™ New England will produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. LalBrew™ New England exhibits medium to high attenuation with medium flocculation, making it a perfect choice for East Coast style ales, such as New England IPAs. This bang on trend beer style lacks bitterness and features tropical, fruity flavours, unlike their traditional IPA counterparts. Their hazy appearance is the most notable visual characteristic.

East Coast style ales
Flocculation: medium
Final gravity: medium
Fermentation temperature: 15-22°C
Dosage: 100 g/hl to achieve a minimum of 1 million viable cells/ml

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