Filter pads KDS15 - 0.7 µm sterile 20x20cm, 25stk

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Filterplater i høg kvalitet til platefilter 20x20cm.

High quality filter pads of pressed cellulose and kieselguhr for depth filtration of wine, beer, fruit juice... Large capacity and rewind capability thanks to the asymmetric structure (rough input side and smooth output side). Sterilizable with steam. Suitable for efficient removal of fine particles, colloidal turbidity and/or micro-organisms, depending on the selected fineness. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, ranging from 4.5 µm - 0.2 µm (nominal value). Suitable for 2020 plate filters.

  • Type: KDS15 Sterile
  • 20 x 20 cm
  • 25 pieces

Filter pads 
These filter pads are made of pure natural materials and cationic chargers, different amounts of cellulose slit fibers d erived from deciduous and coniferous trees, kieselguhr and perlite. The pads itself are biodegradable. 

How to place the filter pads? 
Filter pads require careful handling when inserting them into the plate filter. Avoid banging, bending and rubbing the pads. Do not use damaged filter pads. Each filter pad has a rough and a smooth side. Sterilising the moistened pads before filtration. Slightly unfasten the stretched pads and let it cool for a while before re-stretching.

  • Hot water (soft and pure): during 25 minutes at 85 °C, measured at the exit (at least 0.5 bar exit pressure)
  • Steam (pure) up to a max of 134 °C about 20 minutes starting steam ventilation at the exit. Then rinse with clear water (50 ml/m²).

First rinse with cold water (15-20 °C) in filtration direction during 5 minutes. The rinse in reversed direction with hot water (60-80 °C) during 10 minutes. Attention: reuse moistened pads as quickly as possible.

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