Mangrove Jack's Black Forest Stout Craft Series

Mangrove Jack's Black Forest Stout

Craft Series

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A rich, full-bodied stout with a distinctive black cherry zing, layered with dark chocolate, roasted malt, and subtle hop bitterness. Pours black with a tan head.


The Mangrove Jack's Limited Edition Craft Series beer kits have been developed to tackle the latest and greatest in beer trends, introducing new and exciting styles. Each Limited Edition is meticulously crafted, offering a unique and exciting brewing experience.


The pouch is contains two compartments. One side is carefully nitrogen flushed and cold filled with delicious, hopped malt extract which has been specifically selected to match each unique beer style. The other side contains instructions, a carefully selected Craft Series Yeast strain tailored to complement the chosen style, and, depending on the kit, a sachet bursting with aromatic dry hops to infuse the brew with an additional layer of flavour and aroma.


Designed with the modern brewer in mind, these pouches offer a hassle-free brewing process without compromising on taste. With easy-to-follow instructions and pre-measured ingredients, brewers can create with confidence, meaning they enjoy brewing just as much as tasting.

OBS! ølsettet trenger i tillegg: 1 kg Dextrose/Brew Enhancer - eller - 1.2 kg Pure Malt Enhancer

Det følger med en instruks med selve settet, men du kan finne en norsk instruks her .

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