* Syntetisk Vinkork (8 år) - 30 stk

Ø22mm H42mm

9 på lager
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30pk med syntetiske vinkorkar.

SYNTHETIC CORKS have a natural cork colour, a perfect shape, a very consistent density, and a neutral taste and odour. All this thanks to the use of high quality thermoplastic elastomers (in full accordance with the current EU guidelines as well as the american FDA requirements). Many hundreds of commercial wine makers AND breweries have already put their trust in these corks. If you too use them in the correct way (*), these corks will give you 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

L x.: 38 x 22 mm
Storage time: 8 years

The main advantages are:

  • No cork taste (no TCA) or other flavour abnormalities
  • No crumbling of the cork
  • No cork dust
  • No leakage
  • No dehydration and therefore a better and longer preservation of wine or beer flavours
  • Simple application on your existing installation
  • Does not break when uncorking the bottle.
  • Your bottles can be stored vertically, horizontally or upsidedown without any problems
  • Easy to uncork
  • No absorption of wine or beer in the cork
  • Attractive price/quality ratio
  • Easy to place back in the bottle after uncorking
  • 100% Recyclable
  • The beer cork and champagne cork models are inserted like the classic champagne corks and can resist a pressure of 12 bar.

Teknisk info


Gruppe 1 Fat og tapping
Gruppe 2 Flasker
Gruppe 3 Kapsler og korker

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