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Suitable for any beginner juice or winemaker, the Vinoferm® Fruit Press is a budget-friendly manual fruit press with a 18-litre press volume.

  • lightweight: easy to clean and move
  • comes with a PET press bag
  • lacquered metal bottom plate with central spindle
  • oak basket (must be assembled) and blocks
  • fitted with 2 extra wooden blocks; 4 in total for extra pressing capacity
  • fruit colander capacity: 18 litres
  • basket size (inner): H 37 cm x Ø 25 cm

This Vinoferm® Fruit Press is perfect for apples, pears and grapes, as well as for traditionally processing many other types of fruit into fruit juice.
One PET press bag is included. Additional bags can be ordered
2 extra wooden blocks are provided for extra pressing capacity.
The lightweight Vinoferm® Fruit Press is easy to dismantle and simple to clean with Chemipro® Wash.
We recommend grinding fruit into smaller pieces before pressing to obtain a higher yield. This is easy to do using the Vinoferm® Fruit Mill (see accessories).


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Gruppe 2 Cider
Gruppe 3 Ciderutstyr

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